ChatNBank Conversational Banking

Pay bills, receive statements, manage spending and saving in a personal, familiar and engaging chat interface, powered by AI.

What is ChatNBank?

ChatNBank is a Chat Based Banking Solution which provides all banking facilities over a chat.

AI Based Conversation

ChatNBank talks and automatically understands users in Natural Language automatically. The conversation with ChatNBank are as easy as talking to a Bank Manager.

Human Assisted

ChatNBank automatically understands and completes the entire conversation, but there is also a Human monitoring and training system is present, which provides a feedback the system.

Complete Banking

ChatNBank provides a complete end-to-end banking solution to the users. The users can perform all the banking activities from transactions to customer support.

Interested for your Bank?

Set up a Custom Demo of the product, and discuss Custom Developments

Complete Banking Solution

A complete Banking Solution where the customer can do major banking activities from buying bank products to transfer of money, account management and perfect customer support.

White-Labled Solution

Completely white labled solution for Banks and other Financial Institutions for them to provide to their customers.

Integrated with all platforms

ChatNBank is integrated with all the major chat solutions, from facebook messenger, telegram, web, and custom mobile app. Also the user can start from one platform and complete the request in other platform.