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Intelligent Applications

Use ArrowAI Modules to make Intelligent Applications.

Use Single Module or Combine multiple modules in the same App.

Make applications that do various things over Chat Interface powered by Artifical Intelligence. Be it making a chat based search engine, or making an automated chatbot, you can easily build anything over ArrowAI

Some Examples

Use the same application as you Like

Integrate it in your Web/App

Integrate with your Existing Applications like Web, Apps, so that they provide intelligent solution to your existing applications.

Make it as a Chatbot

Launch the Application Independently as a Chatbot, with our integrations with facebook, slack, or as an independent App.

Powerful, Modular and Simple
Chat Application creator

Helps you to create AI Powered Chat Applications. You can integrate existing modules or create new modules.

ArrowAI Modules

The Building Blocks of ArrowAI Applications

Predefined Modules

Instant AI, Just add Data

Add Data or Integrate with your APIs

Modules already developed, that can be used out of the box with your data. With one click integreate with your application and train them with your data.

Custom Modules

Powerful Module Creator

Flexible Module Creator with AI as Service

Create your custom module with very little code and a visual Editor to help you create functionality as you like.

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