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Application level Feature/Setting

Application Message Settings become valid for all the end users interacting with the application. In the Messages Tab, Application Message Setting is found at the top ribbon of the screen.


Application Level Setting/Feature

ConfidenceValue in % (Percent) defines the threshold for the replies of the application. Application replies with confidence score less than this number will not be sent to end user but will be notified to the Administrator/Collaborator for acceptance.
Using high Confidence values improves the accuracy of the system. High Confidence value is encouraged if the modules are well trained with many Sentences (See: Module Training), or if multiple Collaborators/Chat Representative are available to handle the Approvals and Continuously train the Modules on new Sentences.

Using Low Confidence Values degrades the accuracy of the system. Low Confidence Values are encouraged if high Accurate replies are not required, or modules have been sparsely trained or there are not many representative to handle the Approvals process.
Automated/ManualThis Setting defines if the Application should reply to the end users Messages.
Setting to Automated will invoke the Application to reply to the end users messages.

Setting to Manual will set the Application on hold, and Administrator/Collaborators/Representative can start interacting with the user

NOTE: Changing this setting to Manual will put application on hold for all users interacting with the application
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