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User level Feature/Setting

User Message Settings are user specific settings for the selected Application.


User level Setting/Features

Automated/ManualThis Setting defines if the Application should reply to the selected end users Messages.
Setting to Automated will invoke the Application to reply to the selected end users messages.

Setting to Manual will set the Application on hold for the selected end user, and Administrator/Collaborators/Representative can start interacting with the user
List of Extracted DataRead-only list of all the data extracted from the user over chat. The list helps Administrator/Collaborator/Representative to get a bird eye view of the user and develop the user profile, and also gives the context of the Conversation
Accept Application ReplyThis is a in-chat accept button which appears if the confidence score of Application Reply is less than the applied Application Confidence Threshold (See: Application Setting).
If Accepted the application will continue with the conversation, else it will notify the user about the failure in its understanding.
Train SentencesAdministrator/Collaborator/Representative have options to train the application using the end user message.
Clicking the edit button opens the list of conversations (See: Module Conversation). Selected sentence can be used to train any such Conversation, to improve the application.
Reply ConfidenceReplies from the application have a score defining the confidence of the application in understanding the end user statement.
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