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Application is a collection of Reusable Modules integrated together. Modules add functionalities to your application, and can easily be extended and customized as per the Business Requirement.

ArrowAI provides the Repositories of Featured Modules to accommodate most of required Business Case Scenarios. Featured Modules have all functionalities built in and only require some plugin parameters to be set.

Businesses can also utilize the Repository of Community Created Modules as a starting point to build their functionalities.

Businesses may chose the Existing modules or they can Create Custom Modules according to their needs.

Multiple Modules can be added in an Application

Add Modules

To add Modules to the application open the Application, navigate to the Modules Tab and click on Add Modules


Adding Module options

Create New ModuleIt allows the user to create a new module from scratch. The user can build as per the requirement
Add From RepositoryAllows User to include the existing modules. The modules could be Featured Modules, Community Built Modules or Earlier Created User Module

Modules Appearance

The modules added in the application are viewed as menu for the end user, and can be chosen to accomplish a particular goal for the user.



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