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Module Settings

Application level Module Settings can be Accessed from the Module Tab of the Interface. Module Settings can be changed in Module Creator Interface [See: Module Setting].

Settings can be accessed in from the Setting Button in the Module List or by Clicking the More (¦) Button on the Module.


Module Setting

Make Editable/DuplicateIt detaches and copy the Module from the Existing Module.

If a Module is added to application using Use Module [See: Adding Module], using this the module instance will be copied and then the module can be edited.
Change Module NameChanging the Module Name allows users to Customize how the Module will be referenced in the current Application. The New name will automatically be reflected in all your integrations [See: Integrations].
Make DefaultYou can make any of the Module as default for your application, and End Users will start interacting with this module by default.
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