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How to make simple FAQ


Step 1:

Login –>  Select Start up Flows  –>  Central flow  –>  Conversation section

faq step 1


Step 2:

Then Click on “Add New Conversation” button so that a new popup will open where you have to enter Conversation name and conversation code name and click on create a conversation button.

faq step 2


Step 3:

Now you will train you sentences like as below screen

faq step 3


Step 4:

Now you will click on “Send a Message” button.  And Follow the instruction of attached image.

faq step 4


Step 5:

After saving Conversation you will click on “Done Editing” button.

faq step 5


Step 6:

Then Click on “Test App” Button.

faq step 6


Step 7:

New pop window will be open where to click “Publish” button and wait until it is published.

faq step 7





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