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Customer Care Automation in 2 Minutes

This Tutorial explains how to build a simple Customer Care Automation System in 5 Minutes using ArrowAI Platform. The instructions can be followed on and/or changed to meet your specific requirements.

  1. Signup to the platform (Link Specifically Designed for Bootstrapping FAQ Type Applications) using your Name, E-Mail, Phone, Password and Company Name
    Selection_041Logging using the above link does the following action

    1. Signup to the Portal
    2. Add a New Application by the name of your Company
    3. Add a FAQ Featured Module to your application
  2. After Successful Signup the dashboard screen with the FAQ Interface is openedSelection_042
  3. Click on Add Question/Answer button on the top right cornerSelection_043
  4. A Form is popped up where in your companies FAQ could be added as they are in the company website.Selection_044Selection_053
  5. On adding Question/Answer the list is been populatedSelection_045
  6. Click on the top Test App buttonSelection_046
  7. A Popup will open with the option to Publish App and OpenSelection_047
  8. Click on Publish to make your Changes Live, Wait for a few seconds till the system loads all the configuration and trains the application.Selection_048 Selection_049
  9. Once the Changes have been published, Click on Open to test your app in the Chat Window (This is how the chat will look once you add it into you website)Selection_050
  10. Click on FAQ, to start chatting with the application, the application will start replying to your messages even if the messages do not match exactly with the question that have been added.Selection_051
  11. You have Successfully created your first FAQ type application that you can integrate to your Website, Android Application, Facebook etc. (See: Integrations) or you can refine the settings of how your Application/Module Interact to your Customers (See: Application Creator, Module Creator).
  12. All Interactions with the user can be tracked, intervened using Messages Tab (See: Message Tab).
  13. Several other Modules and Features can be added to this application to enrich the User Experience and add Features (See: Modules).


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