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Omnichannel, Personalised Shopping Experiences

Enhance purchase decisions with relevant recommendations, and enable live chat support at the point of sale. Replicate in-store assistance on your digital channels, using a multilingual voice assistant.

Your best sales agent on support 24*7

Customers feel happy to see their desired products available at reasonable prices. AI-powered shopping assistant bots can understand their preferences and give them the most relevant discounts or offers.

Shopping assistants integrated across websites, WhatsApp, social media and other channels can enable visual searches for customers while engaging them. They can bring any product available in the inventory to the customer with one request. This improves the pace of buying decisions for customers.

Every customer wants brands to be instantly and proactively available to respond to their questions. And, that’s what Conversational AI for shopping assistance does. They are always there to understand customer needs and offer required information and solutions without making them wait.

Conversational AI does more than general FAQs like chatbots. They engage customers on a 1:1 level of conversations and assist them with intent-based solutions and suggestions. This attracts customers over and over to the same brand to get personalized shopping assistance

Conversational Virtual Assistant

Talk to your customers anywhere, anytime -
at their convenience

Personalized Conversation

Your ‘shop’ is always open with our conversational voice and text AI! These proactive and personalized prompts can help them choose, solve their doubts, or upsell your merch. And, it’s all automated.

Handle conversations across channels and languages with the right Human + AI balance. Automate & offer 1-on-1 attention, akin to in-store experiences, to all visitors - all through a single platform.

Our conversational voice and text AI merges seamlessly with customer loyalty management for personalized promotions and rewards. Befriend your customers and realize higher life-time values from them.

Customers can book in-store appointments or schedule in-store product pick-ups through our conversational AI. Reps can even send order delivery, product or promotional updates from a single platform

Smarter people with intelligent
HR service management

With the help of our AI-powered digital assistants, your employees can dramatically improve their performance by focusing on work that matters, giving your organisation the qualitative boost and exponential growth it needs. Learn how our AI-powered chatbots can help you bridge the gap.