Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

Studies confirm that employee happiness correlates with employee efficiency, creativity, and productivity. This, in turn, has the same effect on customers– proving that happy employees make customers happy. Enhance the efficacy of your organisational processes with our AI-workers that can self-serve employee needs from scheduling meetings to gaining employee benefits thus improving your capacity to support customers.

Transform your HR organization with Intelligent Automation.

You no longer have to search for the best candidates to find them. Keep job descriptions up-to-date Sift through candidate data (from job boards and your ATS) Score resumes Sync it all with your HCM

Get your new employees set up in a click. Literally one click. Automatically move candidate data into HCM Send documents for signature Provision apps & devices Update payroll

Never worry about staying up to date. Arrowai automation allows you to: Quickly and accurately process adjustments to employee roles Change company policies so your company doesn’t skip a beat

Employee offboarding has never been easier. Make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Deprovision equipment and access Update payroll and finance Send alerts of any issues along the way

HR Automation Data Work 1

Enhance EX & reduce operational cost

Reduce Operation 1

Save up to 7 man-hours per week & witness a drastically reduced operational expense (14%) right off the bat with the help of our AI-workers.

Conduct conversational surveys (50% higher response rate compared to static forms) & let your employees know you care with the help of chatbots that analyse millions of conversations to provide a personalised approach to each employee.

Significantly increase employee satisfaction by offering 24x7 assistance. Our AI-workers assist in scheduling meetings, applying for tax returns, leaves, reimbursements & talent development.

Bot driven Incident Escalation

Context switching kills productivity. Now you can have tickets from all systems escalated within the apps you use the most and team members can collaborate directly in the channel to resolve issues. AI-powered chatbots can help you bridge the gap.