Medical Engagement

Prevention to Protection; Chatbots that Extend your Doctors’ Abilities

Arrowai Chatbots add a level of personalization like none other. They know every patient, they can add anonymity if the patient is sensitive to disclosure and they’re available for patients all the time.

Provide the care people deserve

Chatbots for the purposes of translational medicine reduce costs and time on routine operations. The chatbot can be trained to ask regular questions on some of the common health concerns ranging from pregnancy, smoking, diabetes, thyroid dysfunctions, etc. Our robust NLP engine ensures a human level engagement is maintained resulting in improvement of the patients. Allow people to schedule appointments with the respective doctor without any human involvement saving time for both parties.

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Automate & enhance
the complete healthcare experience

Order management

Use image processing and OCR to facilitate order placements, payments and tracking


Track and guide the users through suggestions on workouts, meditation, nutrition and overall health management


Help patients track their medication schedule through personalised reminders

Appointment management

Assist hospital staff and patients book, schedule and manage appointments and bookings with ease

Customer support

Offer 24/7 customer support in over 100 languages across 35+ text and voice channels

Insights & analytics

See your patients’ critical data on a real-time basis through visually represented graphs, charts & more so the right action is taken on time

Virtual doctors & therapists

Let doctors interact with patients online to diagnose, consult and just be a friend in need

Preventive healthcare

Our chatbots analyse millions of conversations and understand hidden patterns to suggest alterations to the lifestyle now that can course correct and individual’s future preventing them from contracting harmful diseases

Virtual Assistants
that care